Mexican Pointy Boots – A new Fashion trend?

Fashion in Mexican pointy boots

The Mexican pointy boots are the most unusual fashion trend. Actually, these boots are extremely bizarre, all of us should be prepared to see them before years finish on the Paris fashion runway shows.

Mexican pointy boots

The Start of Mexican pointy boots

The Mexican pointy boots were initially observed and sought after inside a Mexican’s northern town known as Matehuala, causing an unexpected craze in rodeos and cowboy towns. One recent Matehuala competition came about 800 people, who came and watch the ballroom dancers jump laterally, spin and wave their arms or sensually shaking their hips as his or her boots sparkled in the disco light as well as their foot toes extensions bounced laterally.

For this past year, the sharp Mexican pointy boots caught on in other cities, rodeos and discos, even appearing on dancing floor in Texas, Dallas. Apparently due to the fact these Mexican pointy boots are designed for dancing.

The Mexican pointy boots music dance

The music of preference often is “tribal” music, a combination of PreColumbian and African sound beats combined with electro-house beats and¬†fast cumbia bass. They appear to be worn by people complete in dance competition and mostly by males, You will find gossips of the guy putting on sharp boots 7 ft long. And when you are likely rocking such a sharp Mexican pointy boots, why don’t make sure they are sparkle? They’re frequently embellished with flashing lights, disco balls,¬†glitter and satin.

A fashion trend has swept northeastern Mexico where most men are hitting dance floors wearing sequined Mexican pointy boots, pointy toed cowboy boots that curl toward up the knees

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