Mexican pointed boots heat

Mexican Pointy Boots Heat

Check out the Mexican pointy boots, at one point the mania for the bizzare Mexican pointy boots at Metehuala northestern Mexico spreads north of the border up to the Texas and as far as Mississippi. The fact for the glueding footwear coincide with the new dance craze, the giro dance troupes dresses in matching shirts and skinny jean showing off in front of the cheering fans.

mexican pointy bootsA local shoe maker said he have made on pairs of 90cm nearly 3 feets long, at work shop they charge between 350 to 400 peso more than $30 Dollars for the colorful boots, with the toe extensionand high heels. Boys could’nt find the money have been making the boots using garden hoses, but shoe maker attaches foam and sharpen it to come up wth the look that would be at home and a latin animation.

What do people think about Mexican pointy boots?

University student Pascual Escobedo said for him the Mexican pointy boots was a must to score with the opposite sex. “Girls wouldn’t dance with, if you don’t have the Mexican pointy boots and I want to dance”said Pascual. but Migual Hernandez admits that it’s not to every tasks. “there are a lot of people criticised us, when we are wearing our Mexican pointy boots they called us low class and they said they wouldn’t dare to wear them” said Migual.Still Hernandez insists he and others and his parranderos dance troupes feel good when wearing the Mexican pointy boots. They even have been filmed on the wedding scene for the Mexican prime time soap operas and he felt the fashion have moved on from  the low rised rubber style boots. At Metehuala the clubs are still heaving to the beats of so called tribal music and the boys are still flashing their long pointy toes.

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